Precision Night Vision Ltd

Professional grade night vision equipment at an affordable price.

About us


For Field Sporters

Our team is passionate about all things field sports.

We don't just sell night vision equipment but we use it. This means that we know the equipment intimately.

Independent Reviews

To give you confidence in what you are buying we get all of our kit independently reviewed.

Russ Douglas does the majority of the reviews - check out his YouTube Channel.

Batteries Included

There is nothing more frustrating than hidden costs.

As such, all of our equipment comes with everything you need as standard... including the bloody batteries!

The night vision couldn't be easier to use and has made lamping around the farm far more cost effective.

Alistair, Norfolk.

Total game changer. This unit has tripled the number of successful outings. I have dispatched bush pigs as far as 250 meters no problem with the classic night vision unit on my .300 H&H.

Garth, South Africa.

There is only so much pest management one can do with a traditional lamp before the critters wise up.

Tom, Herts